SOC6507 Sociological Inquiries (3 credits) 
A general introductory course for first-year graduate students in sociology department. This course surveys research interests of sociology professors of Yonsei University.

SOC6511 Seminar in Sociological Theory (3 credits) 
A seminar that provides an introduction to Marx, Weber, Durkheim and other traditions in sociological theory.  

SOC6512 Theory in Social Psychology (3 credits)
Various perspectives of modern social psychology on the interaction between individuals and society such as personality, socialization, attitudes, collective action, etc.  

SOC6514 Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits)
This graduate course provides an introduction to qualitative methods in sociology.

SOC6515 Statistical Research Methods 1 (3 credits)
This course aims to understand logics and practice techniques underlying various statistical inferences. Compared to other courses for statistical methods, this course expects students’ sincere efforts to learn “probability” and “inference.” 

SOC6516, 6517, 7518, 7519 Special Topics in Sociology 1, 2, 3, 4 (3 credits each)
Designed to explore materials and topics not available through regular course offerings; this course may also accommodate innovate approaches.

SOC*520 Sociology of Religion (3 credits)
An examination of the relation of religion to values and ideologies of a culture, society, and overall social change.  

SOC6524 Ethnography (3 credits)
Research on various ethnography studies of the world.  

SOC6531 Theories of Deviance (3 credits)
Review of various institutions of social control and deviance in the context of social structure and social change.

SOC*533 Seminar in Social Changes (3 credits)
Theories on social change and social dynamics.  

SOC6542 Population & Development (3 credits)
The course will study theories on the influence of demographics on the economy and social development, and vice versa.

SOC6565 Social Class and Issues of Inequality (3 credits)
The nature of stratification, inequality in power and privileges, structure and processes of stratification and class. 

SOC6566 Organization Theory (3 credits)
Concepts and theories of social organization.  A review of models of structure and function of formal organization.  

SOC6571, 6572 Issues in Anthropology 1, 2 (3 credits each)
Exploration and critique of major issues in current theory and methods of anthropology. 

SOC*577 Family in Modern Society (3 credits)
The development and functions of family with a special focus on the issues that arise in modern society.

SOC6578 Cultural Studies (3 credits)
This course will discuss from both theoretical and practical perspective the impact of culture on the formation of the identity, subjectivity, and public domains and new mode of relationships among the state, communities, and individuals.

SOC6611 Issues in Contemporary Sociological Theory (3 credits)
Analysis and critique of fundamental issues in contemporary sociological theories.

SOC7612 Statistical Research Methods 2 (3 credits)
Course on multivariate analyses on linear regression models- linear mixed model, factor analysis and cluster analysis.  

SOC7616 Area Studies (3 credits each)
Systematic in-depth review of sociological research on selected regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America.

SOC8620 Statistical Research Methods 3 (3 credits)
The course will explore categorical data analysis such as logit and probit analyses, multinomial logit analysis, etc.   

SOC7621 Comparative Sociology (3 credits)
A course on in-depth review of comparative theories on historical changes in Western and Eastern social structure.  

SOC7624 Sociology of Development (3 credits)
Review of various theories of national development and under-development, and analysis of the Korean development experience. 

SOC7625 Mathematical Sociology (3 credits)
Mathematical sociology, in essence, has nothing to do with statistical analyses. It assumes a formal model behind social regularities, which is not a regressin model but a set of axims or differential equations, and evaluate the model by the balance between beauty and reality. We will learn well-known models and explore ways to extend/modify those models.

SOC7665 Political Sociology (3 credits)
Comparative analyses of institutional and structural characteristics of Korean, Chinese and Japanese societies.  

SOC7630 Marketing and Organization (3 credits)
The main topic of the class is to examine how social relationship, institutions, and social structure affect production, distribution, consumption, and pricing of the products in various markets. 

SOC*631 Juvenile Delinquency (3 credits)
Review of sociological theories on the characteristics of, causes of, and solutions for juvenile delinquency.

SOC7632 Medical Sociology (3 credits)
This course will examine two related issues. (1) Sociological processes independent from biological or physiological processes that contribute health status of people. (2) Sociological processes that lead to differential health statuses across different groups (or classes) of people.

SOC*633 Environment Ecology and Society (3 credits)
A sociological diagnosis of environment problems and its possible resolutions.

SOC*638 Work and Occupations (3 credits)
The course investigates the sociological implications of occupations, with special focus on the Korean society.  

SOC7639 Comparative East Asian Studies (3 credits)
A comparative and historical study on China, Japan, and the two Koreans in the context of institutional and structural development.  

SOC7654 Collective Behavior and Social Movement (3 credits)
The concepts and theories of the collective and the structure and processes of social movements to compare to the various types of social movements in Korea.

SOC7668 Social Policy (3 credits)
This is a graduate-level course on policies for social development, with special attention to the practical application of theories of social welfare policies.

SOC7671 Seminar on Mass Culture (3 credits)
The course aims to both study various theories of, and cultivate skills in identifying sociological context of the popular culture.

SOC6681, 6682, 7683, 7684 Seminar on Korean Society 1,2,3,4 (3 credits each)
This course surveys modern Korean history for a better understanding of contemporary Korean society.

SOC*685 Rural Sociology (3 credits)
Comprehensive review of theories to seek future research direction in rural sociology of Korea.

SOC7687 Industrial Sociology (3 credits)
A survey of historic and social background of industrialization and introduction to theories about industrialization, industrial organizations, and values.

SOC7688 Studies in Economic Sociology (3 credits)
This course examines the relationship between economic phenomena and social structure.

SOC7689 Art and Society (3 credits)
The courses analyzes the forms and contents of art, including music, painting, and literature to identify the relationship between art and society.

SOC7690 Urban Space and Social Theories (3 credits)
Review of various urban phenomena with emphasis in the Korean experience to seek future research direction. 

SOC7999 Directed Research1 (1 Credit)
This is an independent research class for graduate students in sociology department.

SOC7711 Special Topics in Sociological Theory 1, 2 (3 credits each)
Designed to explore materials and topics not available through regular course offerings; this course may also accommodate innovative approaches.

SOC7719, 8720 Research in Social Network 1, 2 (3 credits each)
The course consists of examination and analyses of diverse methodological standpoints in sociology and their issues within the context of philosophy of science.

SOC8721 Statistical Research Methods 4 (3 credits)
The course will explore advanced statistical method with focus on longitudinal, multi-level, and event history analysis.

SOC7722 Modern Society (3 credits)
A course on the issues of modernity including post-industrialism, class, power and cultural meaning system.  

SOC7723 Historical Sociology (3 credits)
A course on social change- on the social aspect of history and the historical aspect of society.

SOC7740, 8741 Practice of Sociological Research (3 credits each)
Inter-disciplinary course designed to review current developments within a specific sociological research field for application into personal research.  

SOC*751 Sociology of Science and Technology (3 credits)
This course investigates the social and organizational conditions under which newer innovations are produced. The topic involves the societal influences on the technological development paths and technology closure or lock-in. 

SOC7752 Topics on Knowledge Information Society (3 credits)
This course analyzes the patterns of social change brought by the advances of information technology such as the Internet, and computer mediated communication. 

SOC*769 Philosophy of Social Sciences (3 credits)
Review of sociological methodologies to provide students with an opportunity to fully equip themselves with the appropriate research model.  

SOC*770 Inter-Asian Culture Studies (3 credits)
Course designed to study the effects of globalization on the within the “new” Asia.  

SOC*772 Visual Media and Society (3 credits)
The course will study theories on the relationship between society and visual media.

SOC8811 Analysis of Social Structure (3 credits)
This course explores the relation between macro social phenomena and micro motives of individuals. 

SOC*812 Analysis of Social Action (3 credits)
Comparative analysis on the existing theories on social action.  

SOC8817 Comparative Organization Studies (3 credits)
This seminar course will focus on comparative, macro-structural analysis of the relationship between organizations and their environments. 

SOC8820 Social Change and Economic Development (3 credits)
This class is a graduate-level economic sociology seminar with an emphasis on macro-level approaches in social change and economic development.

SOC8824 Social Thought (3 credits)
The course will entail in-depth analysis on select issues in social thought such as sociology of religion and sociology of knowledge.

SOC8825 State and Civil Society (3 credits)
The course is a systematic study of various issues in the state and civil society to analyze the case of Korea.

SOC*837 Sociology of Law (3 credits)
Review of theories on the present, potential, and adverse effects of law and how the social structure may influence the legal system.  

SOC*849 Social Class and Mobility (3 credits)
The course will analyze the causes and results of occupation mobility- horizontal mobility within occupational space and status and vertical mobility of income and power.

SOC8872 Gender and Society (3 credits)
The course will study the patterns of sex roles, gender personality, and inequality in power and privileges between sexes in cross-cultural and evolutionary perspectives.

SOC*884 North Korean Studies (3 credits)
An attempt to understand the situation of North- and South- Korean societies to seek out an alternative to the current division of the Korean Peninsula.  

SOC*885 Post-Industrial Society (3 credits)
Examination of sociological theories on post-industrialization changes in politics, economy, and culture in Korea.

SOC8886 Globalization (3 credits)
Exploration of political, economic and cultural globalization and its effect on Korean society.

SOC8887 Social Organization of Sexuality (3 credits)
This course examines the social organization of sexuality: how sexuality in societies are formed, maintained, and changed in social settings. 

SOC9999 Directed Research 2 (1 credit)
This is an independent research class for graduate students in sociology department.

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