The Department of Sociology, since its establishment in 1972 in the College of Liberal Arts, has undergone many changes and developments during the past 30 years. From its humble beginnings in 1972 without any full-time professors, the Sociology Department has currently grown to accommodate 11 full-time professors as well as an estimate of 20 lecturers every semester. It has awarded Masters and Doctorate degrees to 350 people. Behind these numerical and qualitative accomplishments are the passion and dedication of the people who built and developed the Sociology Department throughout three decades of its history.

The Faculty

 In 1973 Professors Byong Je Jon and Kye Choon Ahn were simultaneously appointed as full-time professors, and Professors Bok Song and Yong-Shin Park were appointed during the first and second semester of 1975 respectively. In the first semester of 1980 Professor Jae-sik Chong was appointed. In 1981, during the first semester, Professor Hae-joang Cho was appointed. In 1987 during the first semester Professors Yong-Hak Kim and Seok-Choon Lew were appointed as full-time professors. In 1990 Professor Jae-sik Chong moved back to Boston University and later, in the first semester of 1992, Professor Ho-Ki Kim was appointed. In the second semester of 1995 Professor Dong-No Kim was appointed and the number of full-time professors became nine. There have been very active recruitments of faculty members since the year 2000. In the year 2000, Professor Hyun Mee Kim was appointed. In the spring of 2001, Prof. Wang-Bae Kim joined the department. After that, Prof. Jun Han joined the department in the fall of 2002. Prof. Chan-Ung Park joined the department in the fall of 2003. The year 2005 added two new faculty members, Prof. Jaeyoun Won in the spring, and Prof. Yoosik Youm in the fall. Also, Yonsei Sociology initiated the Special Professor Exchange Program to invite well-known World-Class sociologists from all over the world since the second semester of 2000. They bring outstanding research and teaching credentials to the department. Finally, as of the year 2005, Prof. Byong Je Jon, Prof. Kye Choon Ahn, Prof. Bok Song and Prof. Yong-Shin Park retired, and now serve the department as professor emeriti.

The Present Output Status of Graduate School and College Graduates

 In 1972 the first 30 students were admitted to the Sociology Department. Up until 1978, 30 students were admitted to the Sociology Department each year. In 1979 the process of selecting students was changed and in 1979 and 1980 students admitted to the Liberal Arts College through respective departments could choose to major in Sociology and each department's student quota was 60. In 1981 only students admitted through the Sociology and Psychology Departments could choose Sociology as their major, and each department's student quota was increased to 90. From 1982 to 1984, due to the enactment of the Graduate Quota System, the student quota was increased to 104. The student quota gradually decreased thereafter and from 1985 to 1987 the quota was 88, and from 1988 to 1989 only 80 students were admitted. Since 1990, 70 students have been admitted each year. From the first semester of 2000, students with majors in Humanities and the School of Social Science have been selected within a 50% limit of each to become Sociology majors, 35 students from each school. However, in the year 2005, the department moved to the school of Social Science with the maximum of 70 undergraduate students.

 In 1976 the first graduate school course was established and in 1978 we had the first graduate with a Masters Degree. By the year 2005, 50 doctorate degrees and 300 master's degrees have been conferred.

Research and Publications

 Our Sociology Department has published Yonsei Journal of Sociology, a collection of all the research materials that have accumulated since 1976. Yonsei Journal of Sociology has served an important role as an academic journal for professors in the Sociology Department, masters and doctorate degree students and fellow researchers to publish their research results. From the first publication in 1977 to 1994 there have been 14 issues. In March of 1992, with the Sociology Department as the major contributor, the 'Institute for Social Development Studies' was established as an affiliated department of the Liberal Arts College and also as an interdisciplinary research center between departments. The 'Institute for Social Development Studies' was established to do extensive research on not only on the current social problems that Korean society faces today, but also on problems that will undoubtedly arise as we aim and develop towards a future information society. The spirit of Yonsei Journal of Sociology has survived through Journal of Social Development Studies, a publication of the 'Institute for Social Development Studies,' which is quickly being acknowledged as a national academic journal. The full-time professors of the Sociology Department are currently working as the chief researchers at the 'Institute for Social Development Studies.'

The Culture of the Sociology Department

 The Sociology Department prides itself on its 'communicative and collaborative culture,' which is difficult to discover in other colleges and departments in Korea. In order to achieve this, Yonsei sociology has several special events and occasions each year. There is a spring field trip for both undergraduate and graduate students for a 1 night, 2 day trip. In Graduate School, there are spring semester athletic competitions and the fall semester hiking trip. During these events, we try to broaden the range of communication channels between the students and professors. The Fall Hiking Trip has been a tradition of the Sociology Department since 1986. It has provided an opportunity for both the students and professors to escape the confinement of the campus together by hiking up a mountain while breathing in nature. Also during the Fall Hiking trip, graduate students have chances to raise many issues about their academic life and personal well-being at the department. Professors listen to their concerns and demands, and try to incorporate their ideas into departmental activities.
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