Undergraduate Program
Basic Major
Academic Number Name of Subject Description
SOC1002 Understanding Sociology This course is designed to introduce basic theories and characteristics of sociology and build up attitude in researching sociology.
SOC1004 Currents of Modern Social Thought Currents of Modern Social Thought The course induces ideological understanding and theoretical review of establishment and development of sociology.
Academic Number Name of Subject Description
SOC2103 Social Statistics This course is designed to learn basic concepts and methods in descriptive statistics and inferential statistics that are essential for analysis of social phenomena and methods of usage.
SOC4121 Social Research Practice The course offers opportunities in learning basic principles of a variety of basic investigation and analysis methods for positive research and apply to actual materials for analysis.

The four courses above that are designated as the compulsory courses by the Department of Sociology cannot be subject to duplicative recognition of completing courses of Major Selection and Intensive Major, even though each of these courses can be calculated as 3,000 and 4,000 units. For completing courses of Major Selection and Intensive Major, courses need to be completed other than the four courses listed above to fulfill requirements for graduation.
Major Selection
Academic Number Name of Subject Description
SOC1003 Social Issues This course defines causes behind social phenomena that are categorized as social issues and analyze social conditions to seek measures.
SOC2105 Mathematical Sociology The course introduces academic papers and publications on social phenomena in the network society and teaches how to illustrate and analyze social phenomena online by using mathematical models. After completing the course, students shall acquire critical views on the network era and build up views on harmony between online networking and humanity.
SOC2106 Human Right and Society The course is outlined to reinforce sensitivity to human rights, which is useful for activities in human rights groups at home and abroad and international organizations. Furthermore, knowledge and contemplation in human rights shall enhance cognition on human rights of others, as well as students themselves, in everyday lives.
SOC3202 Social Thoughts The course explores selected topics in social thought through a comparative perspective.
SOC3204 Social Theory This is an introductory survey of the development of major sociological theories.
SOC3302 Life-Course and Social Mobility This course invites students into acquiring essential knowledge in observation and analysis of birth, growth, experience, death, and social mobility, and thus, understand impact of demographic changes throughout lifespan of members of a society.
SOC3304 Urban Space and Society This is designed to promote understanding of establishment and growth of rural and urban communities and encourage comparison and examination of various theories behind transition process.
SOC3305 Area Studies(1)
SOC3314 Area Studies(2) Students conduct systematic review of sociological research on selected regions: Asia, Africa, North and South Americas, and Europe.
SOC3307 Organization Theory This is an introductory course to sociological theory behind organizational aspect of the social structure, particularly complex organizations.
SOC3310 Sociology of Labor and Leisure The course introduces sociological and historical background behind industrialization and reviews theories revolving around industrialization, social organizations, and values.
SOC3311 Culture and Society This is a socio-empirical analysis of the relationship between culture and society.
SOC3312 Topics in Korea Studies This course is designed to review a variety of sociological analysis of politics, economy, and culture of the Korean society.
SOC3401 Social Change This introductory course to sociological theory behind social changes guides to understanding of dynamic aspects of a society and thus, enable relevant research and analysis.
SOC3402 Comparative East Asian Studies The course opens grounds for comparative, macro-structural analysis of the relationship between organizations and their environments.
SOC3404 Environment and Society The course is outlined for sociological diagnosis of the pressing issues of today - environment problems – and exploration of directionality of research in Korea.
SOC3503 Political Sociology The course is designed for analysis and research of political structure and political behavior within the contexts of correlation with social variables.
SOC3601 Social Psychology The course guides students into theories for understanding human behavior within social context, and lectures on attitude of individuals and relationship with society, groups and behavior.
SOC3603 Sociology of Family The course lectures on development and functions of family in various societies with a special focus on the changing patterns of the family in the context of industrialization.
SOC3606 Sociology of Science and Technology This course investigates the social and organizational conditions under which newer innovations are produced. The topic involves the societal influences on the technological development paths and technology closure or lock-in. It also covers the role of government policies promulgating industrial development.
SOC3610 Seminar on Mass Culture This course is an introduction to the theories of popular culture and explores changing concepts and practices concerning popular culture.
SOC3611 Sex Roles in Society The course covers the patterns of sex roles, gender personality, and inequality in power and privileges between sexes in cross-cultural and evolutionary perspectives.
SOC3613 Art and Society The course analyzes the forms and contents of art, including music, painting, and literature to identify the relationship between art and society.
SOC3614 Film and Society This course focuses on review of sociological significance of image media and conducting theoretical exploration of relation between image media and society.
SOC3701 Topics in Sociology(1) The course is designed to select and lecture on social issues that are deemed to require in-depth understanding and knowledge.
SOC3315 Topics in Sociology(2) The course is designed to select and lecture on social issues that are deemed to require in-depth understanding and knowledge.
SOC3702 Geography This is a study on the relationship between human action and environment from the theories of space and structure.
SOC3703 North Korean Society and Issues of Reunification The course is outlined to understand the situation of North Korean society and to seek out an alternative to the current division of the Korean Peninsula
Intensive Major
Academic Number Name of Subject Description
SOC3501 Social Policy The course lectures on policies for social development with special attention to the practical application of theories of social policies.
SOC3604 Knowledge. Information Society This course reviews sociological discussion and analysis on information that is increasingly gaining significance today.
SOC3704 Topics in Sociology(3) The course is designed to select and lecture on social issues that are deemed to require in-depth understanding and knowledge.
SOC3705 Practice od Social Policy This course is prepared for students who have previously completed the course, Social Policy. Students shall select social policies in different countries, including Korea, to analyze policy formulation, contents, and social and economic consequences, making use of various material and thus, draw alternatives to the selected policies.
SOC3706 Economic Sociology The course reviews and analyzes correlation between economic phenomenon and social structure.
SOC3707 Developmental Sociology The course is designed to acquire theoretical knowledge in issues of development and underdevelopment in the third world countries and analyze developmental issues of the Korean society.
SOC4101 Thesis Writing The course focuses on writing an empirical research paper on various topics of sociology after analyzing social phenomena with use of a variety of theories and methodology.
SOC4104 Topics in Civil Society This is a systematic study of various issues in Civil Society such as voluntary associations, public spheres, social movements, and popular culture.
SOC4106 Contemporary Organization Studies This is an advanced study of the complex and formal organizations in contemporary societies.
SOC4108 Methodology in Social Sciences The course covers some selected controversial issues in the methodology of social sciences. The topics to be covered are the questions of value and fact, theory and practice, and methodological reductionism. The course compares different methodological principles that give varying answers to these questions.
SOC4110 Medical Sociology The course is outlined to understand sociological concepts and theories of medical institutions and public health in modern society.
SOC4111 Theory of Culture This course is designed to understand concept of culture and various approaches in cultural anthropology.
SOC4204 Contemporary Sociological Theories The course introduces and reviews fundamental issues in contemporary sociological theories.
SOC4303 Work and Occupations The course investigates the sociological implications of occupation. It covers social meanings of occupations, occupational choice, job satisfaction and occupational processes and occupational mobility.
SOC4501 Collective Behavior & Social Movement The course is designed for students to learn the concepts and theories of the collective and the structure and processes of social movements, and analytically compare and review historical cases.
SOC4102 Sociology of Religion The course is a close examination of the relation of religion to culture, society, and social change.
SOC4112 Cultural Studies and Cultural Industry This course intends to help students for their future careers in the cultural industry by studying theories of popular culture and by offering a chance to work in the cultural industry.
SOC4113 Market and Society This course is a close examination of the relationship between social institutions and structure in market, production, distribution and consumption.
SOC4114 Research and Practice(Internship) This a course to apply sociological knowledge and theories to everyday life.
SOC4115 Historical Sociology The course is a study about the social aspect of history and the historical aspect of society from the historical perspective to understand social change.
SOC4116 Comparative Sociology The course takes comparative approaches to the social systems of selected societies in the context of modernizing changes.
SOC4117 Mordern Society This course conducts research on issues of modernity including post-industrialism, class, power, and cultural meaning system.
SOC4118 Social Class and Issues of Inequality The course analyzes nature of stratification, inequality in power and privileges, structure and processes of stratification and class.
SOC4119 Law and Society This course reinforces understanding from sociological perspectives on legal system by systematically analyzing social elements related with enactment and execution of legislations.
SOC4304 East Asian Thoughts The course covers comparative study of the social thoughts and social systems of selected societies in East Asia in the context of tradition and modernization.
SOC4503 Deviation and Social Control The course is designed for researching various institutions of social control in context of social structure and social change.
SOC4604 Knowledge and Culture This course sheds light on social elements that impact on formulation of knowledge and ideology, and lectures on social functionality and formulation of knowledge.
SOC4305 Other Modernities in East Asia This course takes a close look at experience of the East Asia that has been pursuing alternatives to capitalist modernization from the west and examines the limits and potentials.
SOC4702 Social Change and Thought in the Korean Society The course guides students into contemplating the tradition and modern ideology of Korea from sociological perspective and seeks modern interpretation. By comparing with socio-ideology from the west, perspectives on equality, world, human rights, justice, individuals, and states, and theory of social reformism within the tradition and modern ideology and significance in the modern society shall be highlighted
Teaching Course
Academic Number Name of Subject Description
SOC3832 Curriculum Development & Teaching Methods of Social Studies The course is outlined to research teaching materials of social studies and teaching methods for secondary education.
SOC3830 Social Education The course is planned to study theory of education of social studies in secondary education.
SOC3831 The General Social Studies for Logic and Essay This course is designed to study logic and essays of social studies in secondary education.

The students who have entered before 2005 shall refer to the Course Table (before 2005) on Reference.