Yonsei- UPenn Joint Graduate Students Workshop



Date: 7 June 2019

Place: 201 Yonhi hall, Yonsei University



10:00     Opening remarks - Young Mi Kim (Yonsei University)


10: 10     Session 1


[1] "Educational Patterns of Remarriages in South Korea: Are 
Remarriages More or Less Homogamous than First Marriages?"

Sangsoo Lee (University of Pennsylvania)


[2] “Varieties of Gender Role Attitudes in East Asia”

Noeul Kim, Chae Yoon Chang, Minji Yoon, Chan-ung Park (Yonsei Univeristy)




11: 20     Break


11: 30     Session 2


[3] "Converging Educational Differences in Parents’ Time Use in 
Developmental Child Care"

Yun Cha (University of Pennsylvania)

[4] “Varieties of Welfare Attitudes: A Comparative Analysis of Nordic and East Asian Countries”

Chang-ung Park, Fu Yuan Liu (Yonsei University)




12:40 Lunch


2:00     Session 3


[5] "Purchasing a Myth: The Financial Consequences of the Model Minority Stereotype for Asian American Youth"

Kennan Cepa (University of Pennsylvania)


[6] “Rising Inequality in Academic Performance in the Midst of Educational Reform in Korea: Changing Distributions of Test Scores in PISA 2000 and 2015”

Youngshin Lim (Seoul National University)




3:10 Final remarks – Hyunjoon Park (University of Pennsylvania)

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