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[BK21] 사회학과 콜로퀴엄 안내(23.7.11)

2023-06-14 15:40
안녕하세요, 사회학과BK21 교육연구단 입니다.

우리 연구단에서는 7월 11일(화) 오후2시에 연희관401호에서 캔자스대 김창환 교수님을 모시고 콜로키움을 개최합니다.

콜로키움에 관한 상세 사항은 다음 내용 확인 바랍니다.
  • 일시: 7/11일(화) 오후2-4시
  • 장소: 연희관 401호
  • 연사: 김창환 교수(Professor of Sociology, University of Kansas)
제목: Persistent Educational Advantages of Asian Immigrants’ Children, 1940 to 2015-2019


The educational achievements of Asian American children, especially from lower backgrounds, are substantially higher than those of native-born whites and other ethnoracial groups. Two explanations for this advantage have been proposed: unique family practices of Asian Americans versus the hyper-selectivity of Asian immigrants. These explanations suggest two contrasting patterns of historical change and spatial variation in the educational advantage of Asian Americans, with one hypothesis suggesting a persistent advantage and the other suggesting a leaped advantage with the influx of hyper-selected immigrants. Utilizing the 1940 multigenerational linked full-count Census, 1940–2000 decennial Censuses, and the 2008–2012 and 2015–2019 American Community Survey, this study tracks changes in the educational advantage of Asian immigrants’ children. Our results support the persistent advantage hypothesis. Even in 1940, when Asian Americans were, on average, less educated than whites, the children of Asian immigrants acquired high school diplomas and college educations more likely than other ethnoracial groups. This advantage was particularly noticeable among children of the less educated. From 1940 to 2015–2019, children of Asian immigrants showed a consistently higher likelihood of high school and college enrollment than children of native-born whites and Hispanic immigrants. The influx of highly educated Asian immigrants after 1965 was not associated with an increase in the educational advantage of lower-background Asian Americans.